6 Stones for Building a Satisfying & Successful Life

60-Minute Keynote
  • Honesty

    Self honesty is the bedrock on which you must build the foundation to your successful life. Drawn from real life lessons you will get tools to use and implement in your life when you spend this time with Jeff.

  • Courage

    Courage is the cornerstone of a successful life & very necessary in overcoming the fears that can hold you back for realizing your dreams. In order to have a satisfying life you will need the tools you will pick up in this segment of the program.

  • Willingness

    Willingness is the keystone to your success. You will learn how to build an arch of willingness through which you will walk to a successful & satisfying life.

  • Discipline

    Discipline is the Grind Stone of self achievement. You can develop self-control, character, orderliness and efficiency if you chose to follow the simple plan Jeff picked up and will share with you.

  • Perseverance

    In the face of tough times you must put your head down, drive forward & leave no stone unturned. You will be moving toward your dreams through continued, patient effort day after day in just a short time using Jeff’s proven techniques.

  • Service

    Service to others is what life is all about & the gem stone of a truly satisfying, successful life. In this segment you will pick-up some ideas that will serve you well while you are serving others.

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