If You Will GROW… There’s No Limit to How Far You Can Go!

45-Minute Keynote
GROW is not only a powerful action word, it also serves as a profoundly amazing acronym.
  • Give

    You must give to get. There is a prayer that says: It is in the giving that you receive. Giving starts the receiving process.

  • Read

    Read to succeed. Fifty-nine percent of all Americans don’t read even a single non-fiction book per year after formal education.

  • Observe

    Observe others & learn from their successes & their mistakes. It is so much easier to learn from others than to make all the mistakes yourself. Everyone is a teacher with lessons you can learn from. Some good, Some bad.

  • Write

    Dr. Stephen Covey said: ‘Writing is a psycho, neuro, muscular activity that imprints the subconscious.’ Write to ignite the senses.

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