Resolution be dammed!! Start the new year with a plan!

This is your year and I hope you are excited about your future! I certainly am excited about the new year but have learned that I need to have a plan if I am going to achieve any success at all.

I have already set & defined my goals for the year. Committed them to writing with time lines for there achievement and started to work on them.

Darren Hardy, the previous publisher of Success Magazine said, “Don’t Think It Ink It” and he is right. If you will do the following you too will have a fantastic year in which you will achieve more than you thought possible.

1. Write down ALL your hopes & dreams in every area of your life.

a. Mental

b. Physical

c. Spiritual

d. Family

e. Financial/Business

f. Community

(The key is to not hold back write it down, whether you believe you can achieve it or not.)

2. Pick the top 12 goals,  2 from each category & make them your priorities.

3. Follow these guidelines:

Write them down & commit them to paper

 It is not sufficient to just speak your goals.
Writing is a powerful tool and it shows commitment.
Write them in the present tense, as if you are already in possession of them.
Write them in as much detail as you can.

Set a time line & completion date.

It is not sufficient enough to say I want to be a millionaire.
How long do you plan for this achievement?
What are the steps you plan to take?
What do you intend to give in return?
Remember there is no such thing as something for nothing

Make them personal in nature.

Visualize your goals
If you want to get to your goals quickly you have got to be clear on why you want it.
What does it mean to you?
Why do you need it in your life?
The stronger and more important the why – the more power you will have to pursue that goal.

Make them reasonable & achievable.

 You should not make a goal too easy or too hard.
You should not set a goal so high that you can never reach it, you will become discouraged & possibly quit.
Nor should you make your goals so easy that you don’t stretch yourself.

4. Read them twice daily for 30 days.

Once in the morning soon as you awake and again just before you go to sleep at night.

5. After 30 days put them away and go to work. Review them if necessary any time you feel you are off track.

6. Revisit them every 90 days and adjust as necessary for their attainment.

Being a novice the first time I did this I forgot about them and never reviewed them for the entire year. At the end of the year when I was ready to set my goals for that year I pulled them off the shelf and was amazed at what had happened. As I went down the list I was checking off the goals I had set as being accomplished. Not all of them but 8 out of ten were completed.

The magical power of putting the pen to paper will drive your dreams into your subconscious and cause you to take the action that is necessary to make them a reality.



Jeff Spedding
Speaker – Trainer – Coach-Author

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