Spring check-up Are you on the right road?

Now that April is here and you have fool’s day behind you it is time to check in on how you are doing with the goals you set in January. Since you are no fool because you took the time to chart a course accompanied by a plan of action you are most likely well on your way to achieving those goals, whatever they are. I absolutely love the spring time and hope you love the spring it as much as I do.

The greatest thing about spring is the days are becoming longer and warmer, the air is fresh and clean and it is our time to shine like the sun coming over the horizon. Every day grows a little longer a little brighter and you have the opportunity to do the same if you take the time to review your goals.

Spring has sprung and it’s time to check on your progress. Go get the goals you set for yourself, find a comfortable place to sit and spend some time to see if you are on course or you need to make some adjustment for your next 90 day period. If you are on track “Congratulations!!” if you need to make some changes, like most of us, to your routine in order to reach the desired destination, do that now. The little time you spend now will be one of the most valuable pieces of your time you will ever spend.

Making adjustment is something we all must do if we intend to get where we want to go. If you were an airline pilot flying across the United States you would be making corrections regularly to the planes operating system to be sure you land in the place you intended to. Your life is no different. The smartest person in the world will get lost if they don’t have a road map, a set of goals, and a plan to check and adjust their course on a regular basis.

Until next time “Good luck to you and God’s speed.”

To your health, wealth and happiness.

Jeff Spedding

Personal Development Expert
Speaker-Trainer- Coach



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